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Golden Dragon

Myrelle Dameron McKane

What follows here is a log of the transformation of the role playing character, Myrelle Dameron McKane,  

to the golden dragon at the left. 

She can transform at will to become the 80 foot dragon with a wing span of 250 feet. Along with dragon fear, she has the powers and skills of any other dragon, although limited by the length of her training.



They both appear in a charred black crater with skeletons of old buildings, hunks of rock everywhere, the sky is red as blood. Myrelle stands nervously, biting her lip in unease, rubbing her bare shoulders. Although everything seems burnt the air smells clean:.

"Do you know where we are?" Magnus asks
She looks around in a state of dismay, replying " I think so.  Iisn't this...your kingdom?"

Magnus pulls out his dagger, and nods. "Yes, it is."

Her eyes travel around slowly, taking in all the sights, then sighs, "ok"
She turns her dark orbs back to him.

Magnus ooks around and steps up to the charred remains of an old building, only the foundation remains.
"We will do it over here" he states quietly.

Myrelle follows him meekly, stepping over hunks of stone. Her soft black leather boots making no sound on the rough ground. Magnus steps into the foundation.  "This was your home, a long time ago."

She looks down at the stone foundation of the ruined building, very softly stating, " home."

She wrings her hands. " I'm scared"
" You don't have to be love" he replies

" I do not have any memories of such a place as this being my home."

She shrugs, her heart beating wildly in her nervous state.

Magnus continues, " It is very much like a siring, but you can't drink the blood until I tell you to do so." 
She nods. "Will you tell me first what is about to happen?  How does this work?"
" A spell and an anointing of dragons blood, then you need to drink dragons blood to make the change work," he replies to her query.
"... and then...I'll begin to change? Will I know how to change back?" she asks timidly.
" That is what the spell is for" he responds

She heaves a sigh. 
" You will know how to change into and out of a dragon." He attempts to soother her nerves.
She plants her feet a bit apart as if steeling her nerves for the coming spell casting, feeling every bit uneasy about it.
" Alright.  I'm ready"  She takes a deep breath.

Magnus cuts his wrist open and holds it above her chanting a spell in the ancient archaic language of the old dragons. His blood begins to glow a pure bright red as he chants. Myrelle closes her eyes and waits. He moves his wrist over her, dripping the blood down  in runes atop of her head.  She clenches her fists nervously:, her entire body begins to tingle, beginning from her head and working it's way down.  She trembles.

The blood makes her natural green aura stand out, slowly changing the color  to a shimmering gold, the color of the dragon she once was and will be again. Her aura shimmers around her, casting shadows over the ruins, flickering like firelight. Her mouth parts, inhaling and exhaling noisily. Magnus slowly brings his wrist down, letting the blood trickle down her forehead, running down her nose, to hold it to her lips, the blood making a straight line down her face. She keeps her hands still clenched still, flinching nervously, the iron blood smell igniting her hunger.  The blood runs down her head, sinking deep into her hair, dripping down upon her shoulders.

"Drink now of the blood of ancient dragons, and become one with us." Magnus voice like steel, hard and cold in the flickering light. She fights to stand perfectly still, her mouth opens to receive the blood.  He holds  his wrist to her lips, as she takes it, sucking the blood into herself greedily, with all the vampiric lust of her kind.  She takes in the blood in huge gulps of hunger, feeling her body turn hot and cold.  Magnus chants in archaic dragon language, his blood seeming to heat up her body  to a burning heat.  Sweat beads upon her brow, along her arms, down between her breasts.  She shudders violently as shimmering golden scales begin to
appear faintly on her skin.  Her eyes open wide with fear.  Her breath become faster.  Magnus still chanting in the strange language, somehow she understands the last words of the spell::..and  his voice intones with deep resonance, "May you now become one of us."

She shivers all over her body. He pulls his wrist away and steps back to watch. Her dark orbs regarding him, faintly amused, the hair seems to melt into her back as the transformation begins, the golden aura around her
shimmers.  Her body begins to grow, even as the scales become firmer.  Her legs begin to elongate, her face also begins transforming as the body turns massive.

Magnus smiles as he watches her grow, crosses his arms, his red eyes blazing.  Pure golden wings sprout from her back, a long tail comes spiraling down her backside, coiling and writhing about her, the tip pointed into a spear.   Fierce looking ebony claws grow out of her feet and hands, her wings spread wide, leathery and shimmering like the sunlight.  She is nearly blinding to look upon.  Her scales harden around her and her eyes take on a fierce, unblinking darkness.   She opens her mouth to scream, letting out an inhumanly loud roar. She rises up to her full 80 foot height, breathing heavily.  Her eyes regarding him fearfully in faint confusion, not knowing what to do.  She stretches her wings out to the complete 250 ft. span, shaking them lightly, as if testing their strength. She stands stiffly, still, afraid to move.

" Most things should be imbedded in your head, like flight and movement for instance" His voice sounding telepathically in her head. She stretches her long neck, getting use to her skin, and looks down at him.

" Walk, fly, test out your wings" He smiles with amusement as he watches her fledgling attempts. She turns from him, her tail lashing around her, whipping down a few crumbling stones.  She takes a few uneasy steps, her footfalls like thunder.    She grunts a laugh.  Magnus smiles.

Immediately she launches into the air, her huge muscles giving her leap a mighty lift.  Within minutes she is a speck in the sky, soaring with the wind, a golden image against the red sky. Magnus :watches her, smiling at his work. She turns in flight diving nearly to the ground, only to quickly zip back up into the sky.  Her heart soars with her body, breathless at her flight.  One can imagine they hear her giggling with joy, her heart and soul bonded to what she truly has always been. 
Magnus speaks telepathically to her, "Your breath is fire, there is not any spell to trigger it, your mind should know how to do that also."

The beautiful golden dragon soars over a few of the ruined buildings, gathering a great gust of air into her lungs, bursting it out at them, a huge stream of fire blasts them into cinders.  Magnus laughs. Smoke rises as she turns and soars the other way, she blows fire again, at everything she sees, hen slowly, she descends, growing huger until she sets down gently near him. Her great golden face grinning. He smiles, as she settles back to the ground, her form shimmers and almost imperceptibly she lands as a beautiful woman, again taking a few steps forward, nearly falling. Her eyes are filled with delight, and she laughs and laughs.

" Oh god!" she exclaims.
Magnus grins.
"Ooh god, that was so much pure joy!"
She runs to him and leaps on him, hugging him.
"Oh thank you!" covering his face with kisses.
He holds her tightly, enjoying her rapture with what he, himself, loves.
"Thank you so much!"
He kisses her softly, "No problem love.  I'm glad you like it"
She eaps off of him, twirling around and around the ruins, laughing like she has not done in very long time.
" OH MY GOD! That was the most fun I've had in years"
Magnus laughs.  she is so delighted with herself:.  She comes back to him, holding his hands, her entire body trembles in excitement.
"Oh Magnus, that was so wonderful...I powerful.  What else can I do?"
He smiles.  "Come with me, I will show you all....."

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