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Rhydin Role Playing Character

    Magnus Siegfried McKane

 Searching to find peace from his past, his insanity driving most people away. Indeed, few who meet him ever want to see him twice.

 His red eyes are filled with terror and death, his soul with torment and torture. The shadows swirl about him and bend to his will. 

His raven black hair and black cape flow around him, his black indestructible amour seems to take away the light from around him. His black boots make no sound as he walks. His black gauntlets seem to glow with power.

 He wields a red and black eight foot Greatsword with red runes carved into the blade, Alpha Omega Soul that is part of him. 

Also has a seven foot black bladed No-daichi, the masamune blade. Along with a blue bladed six foot Zewi-hander, his fathers sword and jeweled broadsword, a gift from his wife which he treasures. A black sacrificial knife which has no name hangs from a sheath on his belt. 

Having been all over this and other worlds, he also has an uzi special, an assault rifle, and an automatic shotgun which he rarely carries. 

He stands 6'2 in human form, over 2000 feet in dragon form. He is millions of years old, from the first age of dragons. 

He has seen the rise and fall of empires, even helped caused them. He has been in many wars for the Gods.

 After many years of searching, he found his true love, Myrelle,  an Elvin healer. They were married and had a son, Micheal Magnus McKane.

 Shortly thereafter, a minor God, Khaos, took her from him and tore his heart and mind to shreds. Myrelle was sired by Kane Markece, a 2nd gen. Gangrel, in order to free herself from Khaos.

 After that, Myrelle returned to him, and she bore him a daughter, Sarah Rose McKane, a very strong empath.

 He is Immortal, brought to this world by the Gods to find his brother who he killed some months ago. Yet through a cruel twist of fate and a battle long fought, he is now the God of War, a position which he is not sure he relishes. He knows many different kinds of magic and many languages, mostly speaks Dragon when not speaking common. He can also shape-shift into a black dragon, his true form. Also has his God form. His hair changes to white, his cape turns into black wings, and a third eye appears in this form.

 His favorite drink is rum, drinks it all the time.

Killing is the easy part, it's what comes after which is hard to live with.

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