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Rhydin Role Playing Character

        Tradd LaGrae 

It feels like a broken toy
I can't play with anymore
Where do I put the hate?
To a pixilated screen
I can't watch anymore
All I know is that
I'm here drifting
somewhere in the vast
somewhere in the eternity
and I never want to leave
Where do I put the books
There's so many I could read
but they are all filled with lies
Where do I put the lies
There's so many I could say
but it seems they're in the books
I have faith that you're out there living high
up in the vast
somewhere in eternity
and you're never going to leave
have I been telling
lies to myself?
Hold me now you know
I am so afraid to be at all
Have I been telling lies to myself?
Hold me now you know
I am so afraid to love at all
Where do I put the love?
Where do I put the love?

Here . by VAST


         Tranquility never seemed to be a part of Tradd's life, despite his farming trade. As a child, Tradd was a handful for his parents, getting into as much as possible as much as he possibly could.  He received the usual assortment of broken appendages that the young receive on their romps and was right back into the fray upon his body's healing.  To his mother and father's delight, he grew out of his destructive phase and became quite a help upon the farm; his strong back and work ethic pushed him through.  His father scoffed at the ideas of sending his boy to school, and as such, Tradd never attended.  What good would schooling help his boy on a farm; a place his father was sure Tradd would stay the rest of his life.

        Time passed and Tradd grew to be a fine young man; charming but ignorant, handsome but mannerly.  Around Tradd's 19th birthday, war broke out upon the land.  All able-bodied men were conscripted from Tradd's village which included Tradd, to the chagrin of his parents.  Despite his mother's tear stained eyes and his father's struggle to control his own, Tradd was required to leave...and as he marched off with the rest of his friends, he headed into what would be the beginning of a new, seemingly unending chapter in Tradd's life.

        Unknown to Tradd, he marched headlong into horrors he never though possible.  Upon the battlefield, magic flared, supernatural beasts arose, and blood filled his vision...and, in a moment of calm, he questioned his existence...was this what he was destined to become...a bloodstained corpse?  He never received an answer for, in the same instant, he realized that he and his compatriots were fodder for the general's plans.  He looked up upon the hill where his general stood...General Magnus McKane...and Tradd ran, ran with every ounce of strength left in his body, ran with all the might he could muster.  He ran and ran and ran for what seemed like hours and halted for exhaustion overtook his frame...he had deserted, what would his mother and father say?  

    He turned his eyes to the direction he had fled only to see a bright flash split the sky followed by a shockwave that rumbled through the quiet air.  In that fury, Tradd imagined he saw his friends disappear, dying in the unending heat and light of the blast, his compatriots obliterated completely into nothing...and he screamed, screamed himself hoarse.  He screamed for his family, for his compatriots, for his friends, for those he had never even met. And, in that moment...something answered his call...

7th Generation Gangrel Vampire

Sired by Myrelle Dameron McKane


Myrelle Dameron McKane

Magnus McKane

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